My Mumbai 2024



Witness the Spirit of Mumbai through the lens of the Homeless with our Unique 2024 Calendar!

At Pehchan, we believe in the power of community and the beauty of diverse perspectives. This year, we are presenting our incredible photographers from the streets of Mumbai to bring you a calendar like no other!

The MyMumbai 2024 calendar project was to empower through art. The project was modelled along the lines of the MyLondon calendar project which is run by Café Art and the MyWorld.

The MyMumbai Calendar delves into the Heart of the City. Each month tells a story through the lens of those who call the streets of Mumbai their home. These captivating photographs capture the essence, resilience, and untold stories that make Mumbai truly special.

The Journey Behind the Lens
Photos are taken from 50 FujiFilms QuickSnap Single use Cameras over seven days with the theme of ‘What participants love about Mumbai?’ From 1350 moments captured, we’ve curated the most extraordinary 13 photos. An esteemed panel of connoisseurs has lent their expertise to meticulously curate this collection. These 13 photographs, selected through a delicate public opinion and expert discernment, are destined to adorn the pages of our exclusive calendar.

Marking Moments, Making a Difference
By purchasing this calendar, you are not just getting a stunning piece of art but also contributing to a cause.  A portion of the proceeds goes directly to supporting homeless individuals in Mumbai, providing them with essentials and opportunities for a brighter future.

Let every day in 2024 be a reminder of the strength, creativity, and humanity that exists in every corner of our city. Join us in supporting this incredible initiative and make your everyday count!

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