Empowering homeless citizens to build a life of dignity and fulfiliment



Homeless citizens by their very categorization are bereft of secure shelter. This creates severe problems with respect to health, education, physical and sexual abuse and so on. We often ignore the hardships of these people who are forced to live out their lives and entire generations on the streets, with no protection from the excesses of nature and man alike.

In our attempt to resolve this problem we envisioned the Shelter initiative, which aims to connect homeless citizens to government housing schemes such as Mahatma Gandhi Path KrantiYojana and Rajiv AwasYojana. Taking into account the role of the judiciary in India – The Honourable Supreme Court ordered all state governments of India to set up 24×7 homeless shelters in urban areas in 2010, however there has been little to no implementation of this in Mumbai. In contrast, New Delhi has over 180 homeless shelters, with additional temporary shelters being set up in the winter. Pehchan has constantly been lobbying with the Municipal Corporation and State Government to ensure adequate implementation of this order, and has filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court for the same, under the banner of the Homeless Collective.

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