Empowering homeless citizens to build a life of dignity and fulfiliment



An important part of self-reliance is economic independence. Being able to access stable jobs in respectable work environments is often a farfetched dream for the homeless. While their traditional occupations do not yield as much as they did a decade ago, they have little to no skills to adapt to the modern market.

Our primary goal is aimed at reaching out to young women for whom we organise trainings in paper bag making, stitching, cloth recycling and so on. The women who decide to stay with the program beyond the training period are connected to market avenues where their products can be sold. The women in the program have earned up to 7000 rupees a month, and are encouraged to save. The process of setting up of self-help groups has also been initiated in some groups. We are currently selling these products in major outlets across India such as Cottons, Kilol, Pratha and Either Or.

Our livelihood program also connects interested youth with other NGOs and CSR projects working to provide livelihood and life skills through training and connecting the people to job opportunities. The process of referrals allows us to connect our grassroot network to training providers and employers with a need for such manpower.