Empowering homeless citizens to build a life of dignity and fulfiliment


“To Empower homeless citizens, especially youth and women to become self-reliant, so they may claim their rights and improve their standard of living”.

Mr. Brijesh Arya, Master of Social Work from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidhyapith. They did his internship with Street children which is living on Street  The during internship happened one incident with him, then he decided to improvement for homeless people. This incident motivated him to work for the homeless and hence started individually after that he joined “Saathi” organization with the project name of “Beghar Yuva Pehel”(Street Youth Initiative Program) works with homeless youth supporting their efforts to move off the streets through their empowerment. a) Individual – in terms of need for documents and self identity as an individual Outreach coordinator working with youth initiative. The focus of the project is empowerment of youth living on the street. Responsibilities: 1. Handling the responsibilities of outreach team coordination. 2. Mobilization of youth in to groups. 3. Networking with different stakeholders mainly Government and NGOs, for right to food and identity, working with Beggar’s Home homeless issue. 4. Training of youth in street business. After working with “Saathi”,he started as a people-lead homeless rights initiative in 2011, which mobilized and brought together almost 5000 homeless citizens of Mumbai, under the banner of Beghar Adhikar Abhiyan (Initiative for the Rights of the Homeless) spearheaded by social activity. Brijesh Arya founded “Pehchan” to empower the homeless to challenge the inequities they face in their lives. Pehchan’s multi-faceted programs all aim to create self-reliance for Mumbai’s families on the street, and often, this begins by giving them an identity. Most of the homeless Pehchan. Whenever the BMC officials came to evict the homeless, he would reach the site immediately and fight for the rights of our citymakers. He believes in building their confidence of the homeless people so that they can fight for their own rights, and in this regard, sees some of the schemes started the government such as “Jan DhanYojana” and “Rajiv Gandhi AawasYojana” as a welcome sign.’
Mr. Arya Member State level shelter monitoring committee Maharashtra